Brent, Lu: Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks Volume Two
©1974 Micky Hades Publications, Canada
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 45 pages
Lu Brent's Best
              Magic Tricks Volume Two
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Lu Brent: Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks Volume Two

Comments: The second in a series of three "Best Magic Tricks" books.


3 All About Lu Brent
5 Novel Card and Cigarette Trick
7 Cigarette Pet
9 Out of Print
11 Fishing for Honey
12 Lu Brent's Card Castle
14 Tobacco Magic
15 Impromptu Card 1n Pocket Book
16 The Classical Cigarette
17 Simplex Tom Card and Balloon
18 A Challenge Card Peek Test
29 Flowers Unpressed
20 Silk 'N C1g
21 Another Variation of Self-Smoking Cigarettes
22 Palindromagic - Or Fun with the Alphabet
24 Milk of Time
24 Wool with Fool You
25 Impromptu Book Test
26 New Paper Tearing
26 A Lit Cigar to Flowers
27 A Thumb Tip
28 Peel a Smoke
28 Comedy Giant Bill In Giant Cigar Gag
29 A Lady Vanishes a Cage
30 Authographic Minds
32 Comedy Card & Envelope Mystery
33 Telephone Book Test
35 Houdini's Card Trick
37 Ultra Book Test
38 Card, Envelope 4 Thread Melange
39 The Dice are Loaded
39 The Dead Man's Hand
40 Smoke Me Out
40 A Simple Living & Dead Test
41 A Visible Cigarette Vanisher
42 Slippery Footed
43 Psychic Card Control
45 Cane-Go