Brent, Lu & C. Eastman (editor): Lu Brent's Exclusive Card Mysteries
©1934 Chas. C. Eastman, MA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 21 pages
Exclusive Card
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Lu Brent: Exclusive Card Mysteries



1 Introduction
3 Thought Spelling
4 Move Two Cards (Lewis C. Duff)
5 You Selected the..?
6 Lu-Brent's Mental Card Mystery - Just Think
8 A Card Sympathy
9 Lu-Brent's Reversed Card Location
10 Lazybones (Lorne Deblois)
11 Lu-Brent's Count Down Mystery
12 Lu-Brent's Matching the Aces
13 The Siamese Pack
14 Shark Food - for Card Sharks (Lorne DeBlois)
15 The Coins and Card Mystery (James (Vernes) Thompson)
16 Think? - Stop (Maurice (Nellini) Glazer)
17 The Suit & Value Coincidence
18 A Card Prediction (Lu-Brent & J. (Vernes) Thompson)
19 Advertisements