Lu Brent: Five Star Card Effects
Brent, Lu: Five Star Card Effects
©1943 Lu Brent
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 14 pages
              Brent: Five Star Card Effects
Image courtesy eBay seller TJGonFishn

Comments: Lu-Brent published a later "Fifteen Star Card Effects", which appears to share most of the contents of this earlier work and includes a few more, but I don't see Hippety Hoppety and A Flash Back listed in the later book. From the introduction, "My reader may be somewhat puzzled to find more than five card effects in this manuscript since the author only advertised five of them in all. It gives me much pleasure to add a few more ideas to the original lot, thus giving the purchaser more than he bargained for."

Contents: (from eBay description, may not be complete, numbers are not page numbers):

1 A Word With You: introduction
2 A Prediction Supreme
3 A Location Supreme
4 An Unbelievable Coincidence
5 Autographic Minds
6 A Unique Card Discovery
7 Double Trouble: two cards selected by performer and spectator play tricks
8 Another Version
9 Hippety Hoppety
10 A Flash Back