Brent, Lu: Novel Magic
©1932 Steen Manufacturing Corp., NY
Hardcover, no dustjacket

©1946 2nd Ed Mitchell Kanter
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 44 pages
              Brent Novel Magic
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Novel Magic
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Comments: Illustrated with line drawings.

Contents (from book):

i A Word With You (Lu Brent)

5 A Waste Paper Basket: idea for torn newspaper effects
5 A Simple Coin Vanish: trouser leg with a twist
6 Coin Thru Cut and Restored Handkerchief: coin passed thru cut, and handkerchief is restored
7 The Wisenheimer Magnetic Wand: wand clings to the hand
9 The Flighty Cigar Band: cigar band is tossed away and reappears
10 Matches of Jinx: one match turns to several
11 A Match Box Melange: Bill to match box
13 He Watches the Matches: Monte style effect with match boxes
14 The Protean Pack O'Cigs: cigarette pack changes brands 4 times
15 The Unlucky Strike: another Monte style effect with cig packs in paper bags
17 Traveling Cigarettes and Matches: Cig pack and matches change places
19 A Silken Adventure: silk & confetti
20 Here, Bango! There!: Glass and silk vanish from one paper bag and are extracted from another
21 The Drum-Head Glass: glass is covered by tissue, yet a silk is removed
22 Glass Through Hat (Oh! My Hat!): Glass & confetti with borrowed hat
23 Straw Hats: version of Chinese Rice Bowls done with hats
25 The Torn Magazine Cover: of Saturday Evening Post size
27 The Surprise Reverse Torn Card and Cigarette Trick: missing piece of torn card is found in a cigarette
29 Watch-Ho!: pocket-watch manipulation act while wearing gloves
32 Your Tips: idea for using a TT with gloves
33 A Test for Cigarettes. Method No. 1: magician determines brand of cigarette by smelling the smoke (assistant required)
35 A Test for Cigarettes. Method No. 2: another version
36 Can You Imagine: Spectator acts as the magician in this card effect
37 A Fantasy in Smoke: a complete cigarette act while wearing gloves
40 Gagging the Sucker: comedy card divination
41 Just a Shadow: no workings, just an idea for a magic stage illusion
42 Jealousy of Time: a giant clock escape for stage (general solution described)