Brewer, Doug: Coin Box Killers
©2009 Doug Brewer
Softcover, spiral bound, 8.5x11", 60 pages
Brewer: Coin Box Killers

Comments: Stand-up Routines for the Coin Worker's Favorite Prop. Pre-illustrative photos by John Bahu & Scarlett B; illustrations by Tony Dunn; Layout and design by Rosie Rings. Each one of these routines has a unique need or presentation built into them. Every routine in this book is meant to be performed standing with no lap work required. Uses a variety of boxes and gimmicked/ungimmicked coins.

Contents (from book, updated May 2018):

1 Introduction (Doug Brewer)
3 Glossary

6 Wile E. Coyote Coin Box: Coins through table, uses standard box, four halves and a shell
10 Translocated Okito Box: an out-in-out effect; uses standard box, three halves, and a shell
14 The Flying Stupendas: routine portrayed as an old vaudeville act; uses standard box, three halves, sun/moon coin, English penny, and a coin purse
18 Brass Trio: 2 copper/1 silver routine; uses standard box, English Penny, Mexican Centavo, one Half, a 2 Copper/1 Silver gimmick
23 The Invisible: Another 2 copper/1 silver routine; uses standard box, English Penny, Mexican Centavo; one Half, a 2 Copper/1 Silver gimmick
28 Discussion Topic: Name your top 5 coin effects
29 Fidget Simplified: Half dollars are produced, change to other coins, etc. Uses one Half, English Penny, Two Chinese Coins; Copper/Silver; and a coin purse
32 Okit-O Cheat-O: Copper Silver routine; uses standard box, one Half, English penny, Two Chinese coins, Copper/Silver
35 Exporter: fast out-type routine; uses Slot box, four halves, shell, and optional Copper/Silver
38 Bertram Revisited: good follow-up; uses four halves, Copper/Silver, shell, Jumbo US penny, two playing cards, and a Danny Tong Holdout (optional)
41 Stand-up Box Through Hand: coins through hand followed by just the box. Uses standard box, Boston box, four halves, and a coin for the Boston
45 Progressive Assembly - Through Table: one, two, then three coins through box and table; uses Slot box, four halves, shell
48 The Promoter: box routine to produce a promotional item; uses Boston box, four halves, pen with cap, and a promotional bottle cap
51 Rice Surprise: four coins transform to rice in a box; Uses two matching boxes, Chinese, English Penny, Mexican Centavo, US Half, an English Penny shell, Blue Tac, Chop Stick

53 Appendix
54 The Purse Palm
55 Goshman Pinch
56 The Kurtz Transfer
57 The Spill-Out Steal (David Roth)
58 The Nesting Sequence
59 The Lid Load Maneuver
60 Squeeze Box