Brewer, Douglas: High Impact Card Magic
©1999 Ohmigosh Productions, San Diego, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched40 pages
High Impact Card Magic
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i Introduction

1 A Normal Deck
1 Tri-Flection
5 Jokers Are Wild
9 Mis-Mate Revisited
12 Rubberband Deck Switch

13 A Stacked Deck
13 My Little Trick (Aronson Stack)
15 Reflection (Aronson Stack)
19 Believe (Aronson Stack/Marked Deck)

25 With Props You Should Have
25 Out of Print Prediction (Limited Edition)
28 Imaginary Air Mail (Limited Edition)
33 A Technicolor Mystery (The Mystery Box)
38 Your Name (MagiCard)