Brewer, Doug: High Impact Coin Magic
1999 Ohmigosh Productions
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11",  21pages
Doug Brewer:
              High Impact Coin Magic
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Comment: Thorough lecture notes. Effects designed for instant reset in the restaurant environment. Good mix of "easy" and moderate effects. Simple line drawings provided. Highly recommended.



1 Sounds Familiar (shelled false pickup): Chinese coin provided to spectator. One by one, English pennies travel to spectator's hand. Chinese coin transposes with penny.
4 The Famous Three Coin Trick (phantom coin pass, click pass, Himber click pass, Gallo pitch or Tenkai penny move, striking vanish): Three coins removed from purse and vanish one at a time and reproduced. They vanish again, only to return to the coin purse
8 Backhanded (click pass, three coin click pass, pickup move): Half, English Penny and Centavo disappear one at a time from magician's hand to under playing card. Finally they all reappear in the hand.
11 Intermission. Essay on mentors, audiences, forcing a card, and letting the moment breath
13 Visual 2 Copper One Silver (click pass, heel clip steal, deep backclip): Two coppers/One silver removed from purse. Coppers and Silver transpose hand to hand, one time visually. All can be examined
16 EZ Triple Wildcoin: Two half dollars removed from purse and change one at a time into English Pennies. They are replaced in the purse and dumped out again, and change into Chinese coins
18 Cap-Tivating: Three coins produced from pen cap
20 The Hook Revisited: Hanging coins type effect