Brewer, Douglas: It's In the Other Hand
©1997 Douglas Brewer
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 30 pages
Its In the Other
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Douglas Brewer: It's In the Other Hand

Comments: Lecture Notes #1


1 Famous 3-Coin Trick: Phantom Click Pass, Himber Click Pass, Gallo Pitch or Tenkai Penny Move, Williamson's Striking Vanish
7 Backhanded: Click Pass, 3 Coin Click Pass
11 Copper/Silver Sonata - Prelude & Coda: Heel Clip Steal, One-Handed Palm Change
13 Joker's Wild - 1 & 2 Card Method: Top Change
18 Tri-Flection: Jennings' Optical Add-On; Multi-Lift Sequence; Olram Subtlety
22 Not So Famous 2-Coin Trick: Heel Clip Steal, Deep Backclip
25 1002nd-Flection: Jennings' Optical Add-on, Multi-lift sequence
28 Commercial Chop Cup Routine