Brewer, Doug: The Unexpected Visitor
Coin Magic for the Walk Around Performer
©2001 MagicSmith. Illustrated by Tony Dunn
Softcover, perfect-bound, 86 pages
The Unexpected Visitor
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Comments: Well done line drawings throughout.Good, powerful coin magic (and a decent chop cup routine) for the magician on the move. Recommended


iv Introduction by Doug Brewer

1 Sounds Familiar (reprinted from Magic Insider). Three English Pennies and Chinese coin are displayed. Chinese coin is placed in spectator's palm. One by one, the pennies travel to the spectator's hand. Finally, the Chinese coin transposes with the penny. Uses penny shell
 8 The Famous Three Coin Trick: Instant reset, no extras. Three coins are taken from a small purse. The coins vanish and reappear one at a time in your hands. When repeated, the coins reappear in the purse.
20 Backhanded: A half, English Penny, and Mexican Centavo are displayed with a single playing card. Coins are placed into the left hand. One at a time, the coins vanish and reappear under the card. At the end, all coins vanish from the card an reappear in the hand.
28 Intermission. Essay on Mentoring, Audiences, a card force and sleights, and the right pause.
32 E-Z Triple Wildcoin: Two halves are removed from a coin purse. First half changes to English Penny. 2nd half also changes. Both Pennies are placed into the coin purse, but when dumped out, have changed into Chinese Coins
39 Cap-tivating: three coins are cleanly produced one at a time from a pen cap. Good intro to a three coin effect.
43 The Hook Revisited (original The Hook from Classic Magic of Larry Jennings): Three coins are hung invisibly in the air on an invisible hook. Expanded shell.
48 Down Spout: Bottle and quarter are examined. A funnel is used and the quarter dropped in; spectators can view the quarter. The funnel is placed in the bottle mouth and a pencil eraser used to push the quarter into the bottle. The quarter is then removed, and all can be examined.
55 Three Across the Fly: 3 silver dollars held at the fingertips. One by one, the coins fly to the other hand. Coins are placed in the pocket, but reappear one at a time at the fingertips. One at a time, they vanish back to the pocket. Needs soft coins.
66 What's a Miracle Coin Cup? Al Cohen's prop described.
67 The After Dinner Trick: full routine using the Miracle Coin Cup
79 Chopped Taters: Chop cup routine using a shot glass sized chop cup, 3/4" balls, a wand, and two tiny potato loads.