Bridwell, Don: Just for Laughs
©1966 Abbott Magic Co., MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 20 pages
Just for Laughs
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Don Bridwell: Just For Laughs

Comments: This older book is now available as part of the Abbott Magic's compilation "Comedy Tonight"

Contents (taken from the Abbott compilation Comedy Tonight):

1 Introduction
4 Makeup: What-Why-And-How
7 Wigs And Skullcaps
8 Costumes And Wardrobe Accessories
10 Clown Names
11 What Should I Do?
11 - The Pie Salesman
12 - The Hot Dog Machine
13 - The Reducing Machine
14 Small Bits For Working With Children
17 Securing Bookings
18 Clubs For Clowns
19 Last Minute Tips
20 Laugh And Live A Clown's Creed