Briggs, J. Albert: Dinkum Magic
©1920's (circa) Austral Magical Co., AU
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 38 pages
Dinkum Magic
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Albert J. Briggs: Dinkum Magic

Comments: Collection of magic that previously appeared in "Conjurer Magazine" prior to WWI.


3 Introduction
7 The Enchanted Serviette: A full act - floating paper ball, paper to egg, torn and restored paper, egg to confetti, etc. General description, not full details
10 The Travelling Thermos: version of passe-passe bottle and glass
13 The Linking Chain Supreme: chain links joins in a glass
15 The Flying Dice and Flag: die and Union Jack flag transposition
19 A S(candle)ous Deception: handkerchief transposes with candle, with matching corner of a torn card that is also restored
21 Broken Melody: a music record effect using a ghost tube
25 Flight - A Problem In Mystery: wooden block and glass of water transposition
29 The Milky Way: milk and rice routine
31 The Billiard Ball Box: version of the sucker Dice Cabinet
32 The Magic Bricks: spelling blocks
36 The Goddess of Dreams - An Illusion