David Britland: Chan Canasta A Remarkable Man
Britland, David: Chan Canasta A Remarkable Man
©2000 Martin Breese International, England
Hardcover, no dustjacket, 6x9", 111 pages
ISBN: 0-947533-044
David Britland Chan Canasta A Remarkable Man
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9 Introduction (David Britland): Introducing Chan Canasta

11 A Remarkable Man: A brief account of Chan Canasta's magical career.

23 The Amazing Mr Canasta: A 1953 cinema short featuring Chan Canasta
26 First Card Experiment
27 Second Card Experiment
28 Third Card Experiment
29 Fourth Card Experiement
30 Fifth Card Experiment
33 Experiment With Books

35 Chan Canasta is a Remarkable Man: An episode from Canasta's 1960 television series
36 The Show
39 First Card Experiment An Experiment in Memory
48 Second Card Experiment Transmission of Thought
52 Third Card Experiment An Impossible Choice
57 Fourth Card Experiment An Experiment in Remote Control
63 Card Experiment Five The Analysis
66 Exeriement With Books

72 The Parkinson Show: Canasta returns in 1971
72 The Parkinson Show
73 First Card Experiment Forcing Cards
75 Second Card Experiment Audience Involvement
76 Third Card Experiment Three Cards
79 Fourth Card Experiement An Experiment in Memory
82 Fifth Card Experiment How Do You Do It?
84 The Book Trick Here's Where I Fail

88 More Canasta Experiments: Tricks, routines, plots
88 Riffle Force Variations
89 Psychological Rifle Force and Classic Force Combination
90 Alphabet Cards
90 Demonstration of Forcing
91 Cards in Pocket
92 More Cards in Pockets
93 Card at Any Number
94 Cross-Cut Force
95 Three Card Coincidence and Spelling Trick
96 Book Test Repeat
97 Double Book Test
98 Book and Letters Test
98 Books, Letters and Cards
100 The Great Book Trick
102 Blindfolds and Blackboards
102 Psychological Perception
104 More Psychological Perception
104 What's In the Box?
105 Experiment in Concerted Motion

107 The Book of Oopses: about the book that reads your mind