Britland, David: The New Talon Vol 1 No. 1
©1986 David Britland, England
softcover, Saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 18 pages
New Talon Magazine
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Comments: published in Feb, 1986


1 Oracle: introduction to the magazine
2 Holey POD (Steve Hamilton): version of Elmsley's Point of Departure card effect
7 Prelude (David Britland): a follow on trick for the cards with holes in them!
9 Paper Prison (Bob Ostin): coin passes through tiny hole in paper
12 Debtor's Monte (Terri Rogers): card prediction using Velleda (by Bic; available in Europe)
14 Parallax (David Britland): one card topological effect, similar to Terri Rogers' Stargate and Bob Neale's Trapdoor Card.