Britland, David: The New Talon Vol 1, No. 2
©1986 David Britland, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.75x8.25", 40 hours
New Talon Magazine
Image from Magicref

Comments: Cover artwork by Chris Motts.


19 Oracle (David Britland): introduction
20 The Last Game (David Britland): poker routine
24 Dye Version (Gary Osborne): clever use of TT like a Dye Tube
27 Quo Vadis (Shiv Duggal): Aces vanish from between Kings and join leader Ace in the deck
31 Eleatics (Roger Crosthwaite): an effective coin matrix effect
35 Diadem (David Britland): Elevator cards packet trick
38 Shadowline (Terri Rogers): magician seems to name wrong card, but writing vanishes and appears on hand