Britland, David: Terri Rogers' Star Gate
1985, published by Martin Breese
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 15 pages
Britland: Terri Roger's Star Gate
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Comments [Stewart Tame]: Illustrations by David Britland. Since a set of Star Gate cards is included all ready to go, it could be argued that this is more a published trick than a book per se. But since the book details how to make your own set of cards, I'm inclined to treat it more as a book and thus worthy of inclusion here.


3 The Effect--Almost more of a topological puzzle than an effect, two large playing cards are shown glued together back to back with a window cut through the center of both, with a few deft folds the magician hands the cards back to the spectator now glued together front to front, the magician folds the cards again to return them to their back to back state, all can be examined.
4 The Method
5 Handling
9 Presentation
10 Construction
13 And Finally ...