Marshall Brodein: 100 Magic Tricks
Brodien, Marshall: 100 Magic Tricks
©1992 Harmony Toy, Ltd., NY
Softcover, folded manuscript, 18 pages
Marshall Brodien: 100 Magic Tricks
Image courtesy Don's Magic and Books

Comments: this book folds out to a large two sided page with all the tricks.

Contents (From book, partial listing only):

1 Jumping Egg: blowing an egg out of an egg cup
1 Any Number Chosen: clock face trick
1 The Square Puzzle: assemble the parts into a rectangle
1 Sex Detector!: pendulum
1 Sugar Floats: or appears to
1 You Can't Brush It Off: a coin wont brush off the hand
2 It's a Fake: experiment in mirror drawing
2 Four Ace Production!: cards
2 Think of a Number!: prediction
2 Magicians' Friend: vanish a small object in your hand
2 Mind Reading: two person code
2 Balancing Playing Card: glass blances on a playing card
3 You Can't Lose: using sleeving
3 Magic Arithmetic: another math trick
3 Buffalo Stunt!: balancing stunt using a Buffalo Nickel
3 A Heart Breaker: An Ace changes its suit
3 It Won't Overflow: adding objects to a full glass without spilling
3 Can You Do This in 3 Moves?: three glasses puzzle
4 Eyes Are Fooled!: boomarang illusion
4 Mystic Picture: optical illusion
4 Money Rolls In: coin found in a roll
4 It Drops Through!: coin through hat
4 Building Magic Squares!
4 The Walking Hairpin: hairpin walks along a butter knife
5 Card Reversal!: selection ends up reversed in deck
5 The Goddess Weeps: crying coin
5 Rising Seed!: seed rises in glass of water
5 Milk Magic: betcha
5 It Vanished: coin into elbow
5 Your Eye Knows!: optical illusion
6 Water Under Hat!: trick challenge
6 Dollar Breaks Pencil!: stunt
6 Vanishing Card!: packet trick
6 Your Nose Knows!: needs an assistant
6 Elusive Watch!: watch vanishes from handkerchief
6 Selected Cards Found!: magician finds selection
7 Color Changing Marble: in a match box
7 The Vanishing Coin: in handkerchief
7 Crushing the Glass: at the table
7 Your Own Trick Deck: using color separation
7 To Find a Card in a Borrowed Deck
7 Invisible Writing: lemon juice
7 The Magic Pendulum: boy or girl detection
7 Finding Money In a Bread Roll: coin in a roll
7 The Vanishing Rabbit: comedy bit
7 How You Can Always Win: odd or even?
8 Think of a Card: 21 card trick
8 After Dinner Miracle!: performer determines which coin under a cup
8 Four Coins Into Five!: from the table
8 To Tell a Card!: determing the selection
9 Be a Mind Reader: with accomplice
9 The Two Red Cards Trick:
9 The Vanishing Pencil: under a handkerchief
9 Making Easy Money: coins multiply in an ashtray
9 More Money Magic: bills appear
9 Number Are Funny: nine coins become ten
9 Balance a Ball: balancing a ping pong ball
9 Picnic Fun: spinning an egg
10 Red ang Blacks: simple location
10 Presto! Change-O!: coin vanish
10 Coin Vanish Secret!: coin sleight
10 It Can't Be Done: ruler and newspaper stunt
10 The Flying Handkerchief: handkerchief vanishes in front of spectator
10 Mind Reader: temple reading with accomplice

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