Brodien, Marshall: 101 Card Tricks
©1974 (circa) Marshall Brodien, TV Magic Ltd.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x.5", 36 pages
Brodien: 101
              Card Tricks
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Comments: Book of beginner's card magic, use any deck. This is different than Brodien's TV Card Magic, which used special cards.


2 Dear Friend (Marshall Brodien)
3 The Three Burglars
3 The Card and the Dime
3 Magic Card Ruffle
4 The Whispering Queen
4 Locating Cards
4 Old Army Game
4 The Balanced Deck
5 The Siamese Twins
5 Spelling the Cards
5 Magic Key Card
6 The Joker
6 Magic Card Reading
6 Appearing Card
6 The Bridge
7 The Fifteen Count
7 Magic Face Cards
7 The Spelling Trick
8 The Changing Card
8 Turnover Card
8 Naming The Card
8 Magic Card Reading
9 The Disappearing Ace
9 The Magic Prediction
9 Thought Reading
10 Mental Card Effect
10 Calling the Cards
10 Bewitched Card
11 The Stop Card
11 Wandering Cards
11 Rising Cards
12 Find the Card
12 Famous 21 Card Trick
12 The Turned Card
13 The 13th Card
13 An Old Favorite
13 The Vanishing Ace
14 The Three Pile Selection
14 The Revering Card
14 The Vanishing and Reappearing Card
15 Improved 25 Card Trick
15 The Gamblers' Card Flourish
15 The Five to Ten Trick
16 The Mysterious Change
16 The Hotel Trick
17 Divination of a Number of Cards Selected Behind the Performer's Back
17 Cards from Pocket - Effect No. 1
18 Cards from Pocket - Effect No. 2
18 Spectator Finds a Card Called for by the Magician
18 Naming the Top Cards of Three Heaps
19 The Magic Jacks
19 "Socko" The Magic Joker
20 The Master System
21 To Name a Card That a Spectator Draws From the Pack
21 To Tell How Many and What Cards Have Been Drawn From the Pack
21 To Run the Cards Behind the Back and Name any Card Stopped At
22 To Tell How Far From the Top Any Card Is
22 To Deal Yourself Every Trump in a Whist or 4 Hand Game
22 To Deal a Pat Flush of any Suit Called For to the Person Asking for Same
23 Instructions for Tearing a Pack of Cards into Halves and Quarters
23 Another Way of Finding the Selected Card
24 Odd and Even Card Trick
24 The Mystic Seven Trick
25 The X-Ray Trick
25 Card and Coin Trick
25 The Mysterious Egg and Card Mystery
26 The Marvelous "Q" Trick
26 Twenty-Five Card Trick
27 Finding the Selected Cards
27 The Mental Telepathy Trick
27 The Selected Card is Caused to Vanish
28 The Most Baffling Way to Find the Selected Cards
29 Sitting Pat
29 Spectator Gets Into the Act
30 Spectator Really Wins
30 Getting At a Wise Guy
31 Fooling a Magician
31 The Vanishing Spots
31 The Nose Rises
31 Getting What They Ask For
31 Finish For Card Trick Series
32 The Two Red Cards Trick
32 Devilishly Clever
32 Hello! What's My Card?
32 Please Initial Your Card
33 Finger Print Detection
33 Lighting Up a Card Trick
33 Don't Look Up!
33 Yes, We Have No More Banana
33 One Red in the Blues
34 MC Gag
34 Quickie
34 Outside, Looking In
34 Come In From Out In the Cold
34 Everybody Knows But Him
35 The Instant Mentalist
35 Another Instant Mentalist
35 Long Distance Thought Transfer
35 Making an Instant Magician
36 Card Reappearance
36 On the Forehead