Bronstrup, Dr. Charles L. II (Alias Doctor B): Showlines and Snappy Bits
Including "Heckler Put Downs" and "The Doctor is In"
2000 2nd Edition, H. Marshall and Company, Inc.
Softcover saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages
              Showlines and Snappy Bits
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Comments: This is a short, 20 page booklet full of corny one-liners and put downs that you might find useful during your magic act. Many of them are old groaners, but these are often great for generating a laugh. The jokes are "clean" and not off-color.


1 Introduction: audience tested laugh getters, and some cautions on using the heckler put downs.
1 Table of Contents
2 Showlines and Snappy Bits: over 175 one liner and quick jokes, such as "A hurricane is like a divorce, either way you lose the house", and while blowing up a balloon, say "the last time I did this was for a state trooper"
15 Heckler Put Downs: 67 insults, such as "This guy's idea of a seven course meal is a hamburger and a six pack of beer."
19 The Doctor is In: a three part comedy skit you can use between acts