Brooke, Ken: A Lifetime of Joy
1982 Jeff Busby Magic, Inc., Oakland CA
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 16 pages
A Lifetime of
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Comments (Stephen Sparks): From the book, "A collection of tricks, gags and funny bits of business that I have used professionally for over 40 years." Great Great magic by another of England's Best!!


i Introduction
1 Cigar Tube Gag
1 Two Newspaper Gags
1 Two Gags for the Barman
2 Fly-Away Cigarette
2 Repeat Pocket Business
3 Sunglasses Card Discovery
3 Ken's Presentation for the Malini Coin Game
5 Coin Transposition
6 Comedy Flare-Up Cigarette Vanish
6 Two Routines for The Card on Forehead
7 Blindfold Card Catch Gag
8 First Prize Gag
8 Ken's Handling of the Lit Cigarette Vanish
8 Ken's Presentation for the Electrostatic Cigarette
9 Two Shocker Gags
9 Vending Machine Gag
9 Double Air Pressure Reverse Revelation
10 Rear End Card Discovery
10 Ken's Handling for Big Deal
11 Business for the Linking Rings
12 Business for The Paper Balls Over the Head
12 Electric Chair Business
13 Charlie Edwards' Set-Up Deck
13 Charlie Edwards' Spirit Knot Instructions