Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke & Friends and the Malini Egg Bag
1974 Magic Inc.; Ken Brooke's Magic Place.
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 21 pages

Ken Brooke &
              Friends & the Malini Egg Bag
Image from Magicref

: This short book provides good handling for the Malini style Egg Bag. It is not encyclopedic, but provides valuable handling, approach, and moves for owners of the Malini bag. Recommended.


2 Foreword: History and motivation for the Ken Brooke version
4 Sid Lorraine illustrations on handling the bag
5 The handling of the loaded bag (setup)
6 Illustrations
8 The Bag is Shown
9 Illustrations
10 Spectator reaches inside and pulls bag inside out (empty)
11 Illustrations
12 Egg produced from bag and vanished
13 Illustrations
14 Bag turned inside out
15 Illustrations
17 The Routine I have Found to be Successful with Al Koran patter
19 Ending Comments