Brooke, Ken: The Ken Brooke Series Number 2 The Chop Cup
©1981 Ken Brooke & Paul Stone, The Ace Place, Liverpool, England
Softcover, comb-bound, 8x12", 12 pages
Ken Brooke: Series Number 2 The Chop Cup
Image courtesy The Mystery Emporium
Ken Brook: The Chop Cup

Comments: 22 fold-out Illustrations by Tony Moo Young. There were a total of 10 volumes of the Ken Brooke Series.

Contents (courtesy Dietrich Keller of

i Introduction (Paul Stone)
ii The Ken Brooke System

1 Ken Brooke talks about the Chop Cup
1 The Set-Up
1 Working

7 The Conway Rope: a three rope routine
10 Out for a Walk