Ken Brooke: Series No. Six: Al Koran's Three Silver Rings
Brooke, Ken: Series Number 6 Al Koran's Three Silver Rings
©1982 Ken Brooke & Paul Stone, The Ace Place, Liverpool, England
Softcover, comb-bound, 8x12", 16 pages
Ken Brooke Series 6 Al Koran's Three Silver Rings
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Comments: "Plus Ken Brooke on the Invisible Pack and Fred Robinson's Ultimate Force"

Contents (from book, updated Dec 2023):

i Introduction (Paul Stone)

1 Fred Robinson's Ultimate Force: cards are fanned face down, spectator touches one card, which is forced
3 Al Koran's Three Silver Rings: using two rings and a key
3 - The Count: showing three rings
4 - The Ken Brooke Method of Linking Two Rings
5 - The Ken Brooke Method of Unlinking Two Rings
5 - The Key Flourish
6 - The OverArm Link & Unlinking
7 - The Crash Link and Unlinking
7 - Linking the Three Rings
8 - Unlinking the Chain of Three
9 - Patter and Music
10 - Illustrations for the Moves: to page 13
15 Ken Brooke Talks About the Invisible Pack: using the CHaSeD stack