Brooke, Ken: The Ken Brooke Series Number 8
Roy Johnson's Flawless; Ken Brooke on The Hamman Count

©1984 The Ace Place and Paul Stone
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11"
Ken Brooke
              Series Number 8
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Comments (Stephen Sparks): The series included several routines never before published, as well as tips, bits of business and priceless advise on a variety of magical effects and topics. They have been written in Ken's own inimitable style. Published from 1981 to 1984 by The Ace Place and Paul Stone. Complete with a dozen illustrations.

The complete Ken Brooke Series included: Number 1 The Magic Box; 2 The Chop Cup; 3 The Nap Hand and Multiplying Martini Bottles; 4 The Sidewalk Shuffle; 5 The Dancing and Floating Cork; 6 Al Koranís Three Silver Rings; 7 Finn Jon Zombie Routine, Roy Johnsonís Cent & Malcolm Davison's Book Test; 8 Roy Johnsonís Flawless & Ken Brooke On The Hamman Count; 9 Ken Brookeís Ring & Stick Routine And The Backward Card; 10 Beam Shoot, The Koornwinder Kar And Edelweiss.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Roy Johnson's "Flawless": envelope switch to produce, vanish, or exchange any small flat objects.
2 - Trick 1: using a pack of cards and a pistol
3 - Trick 2: Passing a number of chosen cards from one signed packet to another
4 Ken Brooke on "The Hamman Count": published by courtesy of Magic Inc.