Brook, Paul: The Brook Test
©2007 Paul Brook
Softcover, perfect-bound, 91 pages
              Brook Test
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Paul Brook: The Brook Test

Comments: A powerful brand new book test from the mental workings of Paul Brook. Imagine turning up to an event, borrowing any book of the spectators choice (from their own collection), they turn to a page and then they mentally select any word they want. Then you reveal the thought of word to them No Gimmicked Book; No Writing Down; The Word is Chosen in the Spectators Mind; Can be Performed with Any Book; Free Choice of any Book (No Equivoque Used). The ‘Brook Test’ book contains 10 powerful variations and tried and tested subtleties.


5 Introduction

7 What They See

9 Deception Revealed
9 Dual Reality
10 Psychological Wording
10 Page Forcing

15 Methods of Deception
17 Capital Idea
21 Indent-ification
27 Short Listed
33 Ita-locate
39 Bold Move
45 Word on a Wire
57 Malthus's Wording
63 En-joinable
69 Conden-sen-sation
75 Safety Net

81 Scripted Performance

85 Subtleties
85 Impromptu Brook Test
87 Volunteer Choice
88 Choosing a Force Word
88 The Power of Your Delivery
90 Fluidity of Language

91 Parting Words