David Brown and Paul Reeve: Amazing Magic Tricks
Brown, Dave & Paul Reeve: Amazing Magic Tricks
©1995 Dorling Kindersley, London; NY
Hardcover, 48 pages
Dave Brown & Paul Reeve: Amazing Magic Tricks
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Comments: Book of magic for children with colorful effects they can build with household materials. Includes some advanced tricks such as Professor's Nightmare and Slate of Mind.

Contents (from book)

4 Tricks By Pictures: introduction
6 Wonderful Wand: how to make it
7 - Wand from Envelope
7 - Wobbly Wand
8 Vanishing Coin: coin vanishes when covered with a clear cup
10 Linkup: three ropes become tied
12 Magic Bag: making the switch bag for above
14 Cups and Balls: making the pom-pom balls
16 Hide and Seek: a simple cups and balls trick
18 Colorful Clown: sad clown face instantly becomes happy and colored
20 Cup Through the Table: under handkerchief
22 Coin Journey: coin vanishes in handkerchief to be found in a box
24 Antigravity Spectacular: tumblers attach to book when held upside down
26 Houdini Escape: paper removed unharmed though locked in by fastener
28 Curious Coins: Chinese coins release from a string
30 Party Hat: paper torn and restored into a hat
32 Match Box: building a production box
34 Box of Tricks: working the box
36 Unequal Ropes: Professor's Nightmare
38 Puzzling Pictures: version of the Coloring Book
40 Odd Card Out: spectator chooses only odd card
42 Mind-Reading Act: version of slate of mind
44 Levitating Card: rising card from folder
46 Fooling a Friend
46 - The Impossible Knot: instant knot tying
47 - The Fan Trick: the clip card puzzle
48 Tips for Tricks: performance advice