George Brunel: Fun With Magic
Brunel, George: Fun With Magic
©1901 Hurst & Company, Publishers, NY
Hardcover, 220 pages

©1901 Jamieson Higgins Co., Chicago
Hardcover, 175 pages
Brunel: Fun With Magic
Jameison-Higgins Co. Edition
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Brunel: Fun With Magic
Hurst & Co. Edition
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Comments: "Amusing Experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Geometry". There have been several other editions as well with different covers.

Contents (from book ToC):

5 The Pile of Checkers
7 The Obedient Coin
9 The Insensible Coin
11 A Clever Stroke
12 A Counter-Stroke
13 Balancing a Knife in Space
14 A Coin Balanced
15 The Inclined Plane
17 The Walking Cork
18 The Mysterious Apple
20 An Amateur Pneumatic Machine
26 A Balloon in a Vacuum
27 Suffocation in a Vacuum
28 Ebullition in a Vacuum
29 A Voiceless Bell
30 The Ventilator
31 The Bursted Bladder
33 Resisting the Pressure of the Air
35 Compressed Air
36 The Effect of Condensation
37 Pulverization with Petroleum
38 A Barometer
41 A Suction Pipe
42 Ascent of Water in a Vacuous Decanter
44 The Submerged Coin
45 The Perverse Cork
47 The Pressure of Gas
50 An Egg as a Steam Engine
52 The Imaginative Swivel
54 An Experiment with Locomotion
55 An Hydraulic Screw
57 A Screw in the Air
58 A Screw by Hot Air
59 A Little Cannon
61 Weighing Gas
63 The Magic Wheel
64 The Rings of Smoke
66 The Microphonic Stick
68 The Three Colors
69 A Picture of a Volcano
70 Complementary Colors
71 The Re-composition of Light
74 The Phantom Pin
75 Amphitrite
78 Illusions in Optics
81 A Simple Experiment with Static Electricity
83 Magnetic Attraction
84 The Magnetic Specter
85 Animal Magnetism
87 Principle of a Galvanic Battery
88 A Battery with a Lemon
90 Electric Attraction and Repulsion
92 Metallic Colors
95 The Weight of Steam Contained in the Air
97 Metallic Arborizations
97 Instantaneous Crystallizations
98 Volcanoes in Miniature
99 A Rudimentary Gas Burner
100 Camphor in Water
101 How to Make Ice
101 How to Cut a Bottle with a Piece of Twine
103 The Bridge of Asses
105 Another Way of Demonstrating the Same Theorem
107 Re-Entering Angles
109 Tracing Parallel Hatchings
111 How to Draw a Spiral
113 The Perspectograph
118 Ascertaining the Height of an Edifice or a Mountain
119 A Practical Way of Finding a Meridian
122 A Filter
124 An Accurate Pair of Scales
127 An Economical Letter-Weight
128 A Photographic Camera
131 An Economical Plate Holder
132 The Tack in the Ceiling
134 To Cut a Rope with the Hands
135 A Drawing Glass
137 An Archery with Pens
138 A Simple and Economical Multipligraph
138 The Magic Theatre
140 The Hermetical Cork
141 An Economical Binding for Papers
143 Rapid Vegetation
144 The Automatic Pedestrienne
146 The Horsewoman
149 The Mechanical Elephant
152 The Somersault
155 The Boxers
157 The Top Spouting Water
159 A Trick After Robert Houdin
161 Popular Fire-Works
162 A Target Line
163 The Enchanted Coin
165 A Diminutive Catapult
166 The Four Matches
168 How to Raise Four Knives with One Knife
169 The Vaulting Pea
171 A Problem in Checkers
173 Shadow-Pictures