Steve Bryant: The Little Egypt Book of Numbers
Bryant, Steve: The Little Egypt Book of Numbers
©2004 Steve Bryant, H&R Magic Books, Humble, TX
Hardcover, w/dj, 8.5x11", 128 pages
ISBN: 0-9727938-3-6
Bryant: Little Egypt Book of Numbers
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Comments: "A collection of routines created primarily for Steve's performance in the nightspots of the "Little Egypt" section of Southern Illinois, where towns bear such names as Cairo, Thebes and Karnak. To play in these challenging venues, the routines must be quick, direct and easy to follow." One coin trick and the rest card tricks.

Contents (from book):

7 Introduction
9 Catch 22
13 Motel 666
18 20,000 Leagues under the suds
23 Love Potion Number 9
30 I Can Name That Card in 4 Notes
37 Unholy Trinity
42 60-Second Card Reading
52 Duffie Deep-Sixed
55 Patter For Sawing a Naked Lady in Two
63 October 31, 1926
70 Chandu, the Mind reader Plays Five-Card Draw
81 Drawn & Quartered
90 Eight-Card Brainwave Goes to Paris
95 The World's Most Obscene 21-card trick
100 221B Baker Street
103 Hollywood 90028
109 Ascanio to the 1st Power
112 A Two-Dollar Miracle
118 Cheaper by the Dozen
123 Double, Double, Toil and Trouble