Dan & Dave Buck: Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands
Buck, Dan & Dave: Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands
©2000 Dan & Dave Buck
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11"
Dan & Dave Buck: Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in
              the Hands
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Comments: "Explaining the realm of further finesses, on the art of card manipulation and flourishes with cards, that both the magician and gambler can conjure with some thoughts and variations on card handling."

Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

Introduction (Ricky Smith)

I. Here are some of the original routines that we have both developed within our knowledge of the art. Most of the moves in the routines however, not all ours, were put within the routines and finessed by both of us.
1 Carney Fooled Hugard
2 Card to Mouth
3 Card Across
4 Another Sandwich
5 “Is this your card?”

II. The sleights that follow are either completely original or finessed to fit our style. We hope you ascertain them to your knowledge and even apply them to your magic repertoire.
1 The Exchange Second Deal
2 The DMB Spread Control
3 Ambitious Lateral
4 Center Switch
5 One Handed Lateral Palm
6 Finding the Aces
7 Helicopter Doubles:
8 First Method
9 Second Method
10 Bounce up Double
11 Amend

III. We are known for our flourishes and especially our cuts explained later on in this book. The flourishes here are all original and quite painless to execute.
1 One Card Flourish
2 Fan Flourish
3 Two-card Production
4 The Bottom Shot
5 Boomerang Deck

IV. After seeing Ashford Kneitel’s incredible ace productions, we were
inspired to create our own. Most of the productions require a setup, but are easy to get into. They happen very fast and are quite appealing to the eye
1 Shuffled Aces
2 A.K. Nightmare
3 Second Method
4 Another Ace Production
5 Expeditiousness
6 Molecular Aces
7 Day Dreaming
8 Apparitions
9 Brooklyn Bridge Production
10 The Las Vegas Strip
11 - As an effect
12 Sudden Impact
13 Pandemonium at the card table

V. We have to warn you, what you are about to enter is a chapter devoted to some of the most difficult flourishes ever created. Joey Burton and Brian Tudor inspired to create these marvelous pieces of art.
1 Formality
2 Kryptonite
3 Air Bom
4 Zero Gravity
5 Kick Flip
6 Revolution Cut (Brian Tudor)
7 C02
8 Sonic
9 360° cut
10 Z Grip (Herb Zarrow)
11 Variation on Z Grip
12 Variation of Spin City
13 Three packet False Cut
14 Molecule
15 Leno Cut
16 Madonna
17 Hurricane
18 West Coast Chaos
19 Genesis

Epilogue. In this last chapter we explain our feelings of flourishes and the way they should be applied to magic. We also give our thoughts on the psychology of Flourishes as well as Ace Productions.