Dan and Dave Buck (Ricky Smith editor): Card Men

Buck, Dan and Dave & Ricky Smith (editor): Card Men
©2014 Dan and Dave Industries, Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 7x10", 61 pages

Also available as a PDF

              and Dave Buck: Card Men
Image courtesy eBay seller CrazzyCat61

Comments: Original printing was limited to 500 copies. B&W photographs.

Contents (from book ToC & web descriptions):

8 Fan Palm: sleight to palm top card while closing a fan
10 Hank's Triumph: using Hank Miller Shuffle
12 Buck Shot: card shot from hand to hand
15 Fancy Change: fancy center double lift with color change
19 Direct Message: selection appears reversed in deck
21 Murphy's Control: card control from middle to top
22 CardEx: selection appears between two Jokers
25 Revvie: overhand shuffle
27 Ad Copy: card routine using the advertising card
28 Secondly: KM move
30 Take Me Home: card to box
31 Naap Change: visible change
33 Toss Palm: palm while tossing a card
35 Pivot Change: card change
37 Swirly: flourish
39 Peekaboo: one spectator names another spectator's card

41 Magic or Real
41 Scoop
44 Impossible Sandwich
44 Sybil Triumph
45 Seduction
50 Body Double

53 Friendly Contributions
53 Triple Cask Triumph (Elliott Terral): in the hands Triumph
57 The C.C. Center (R. Paul Wilson): using Consistent Card Control
59 Kepplinger Prediction (Ricky Smith)