Buckingham, Geoffrey: It's Easier Than You Think
©1952 H. Clarke & Co, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 191 pages
Buckingham: It's
              Easier Than You Think
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments: Great book of manipulative magic. This book has been reprinted by Magic, Inc. as three separate volumes.

Contents: (from book ToC)

i Notes
v Contents
x Introduction by Wilfrid Jonson (Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle)

17 Chapter One:
17 Manipulations Made Magic

21 Section: Coin Manipulation

23 Chapter Two:
23 The Aerial Treasury

37 Chapter Three:
37 The Multiple Back Palm Production Of Coins

45 Chapter Four:
45 Miscellaneous Coin Sleights And Flourishes
45 Palming
46 The Coin Roll (a new method)
47 The Human Coin Ladder
49 The Coin Spread

55 Chapter Five
55 The Miserís Dream In Cabaret

67 Section: Billiard Ball Manipulation

69 Chapter Six
69 The Multiplying Billiard Balls
70 An Eight-Ball Production

85 Chapter Seven
85 A Ten And Twelve-Ball Production
98 The Thirteenth Ball

103 Chapter Eight
103 Miscellaneous Flourishes With Billiard Balls
104 The Finger Roll
105 The One-handed Finger Roll
106 The Two-ball Palm Roll
106 Catching Between the Fingers
107 The Two-ball Tumble

109 Section: Loads, Steals, And Holders For The Manipulator

111 Chapter Nine
111 Loading And Stealing
112 Direct Loads From The Body
116 Pick-Up Loads From The Body
117 Substitution Loads

121 Chapter Ten
121 Holders For The Manipulator
122 Coin Holder For A Single Coin
123 Coin Holder For A Number Of Single Coins
123 Coin Holder For A Stack Of Coins
125 The Elastic Belt
125 Billiard Ball Holders
126 The Waistband Holder
128 Inverted Trousers Pocket Holders
129 Thimble Holders
131 Holders On A Jacket

135 Section: Thimble Manipulation

137 Chapter Eleven
137 Thimble Manipulation, A New Technique
139 Single Thimble Palming
141 Multiple Thimble Palming
142 Separate Palming And Recovery
144 Instantaneous Production Of Ten Thimbles
145 The Finger Change
146 The Finger Change - Another Method
149 Vanish And Instantaneous Production Of Four Thimbles

155 Chapter Twelve
155 The Dancing Thimbles
171 A Novelty Thimble Routine

173 Section: Miscellaneous

173 Chapter Thirteen
173 Twelve Cards To Pocket
174 Super Do As I Do-In
175 The Palmist
176 Showers Of Pips
176 Simplicity Cards And Coins
177 A Blindfold Card Stab Miracle
178 Gambling Legend
179 Any Card Restored
180 One Handed Pack Switch
181 Four Ball Production Without A Shell
182 Rapid Production Of Four Solid Balls
182 Blondin Ball
183 Silk And Billiard Ball Penetrations
183 Five Great Effects With Thimbles
184 Seven Miscellaneous Effects With Novelty Tricks

185 The Final Word