Buckingham, Geoffrey: It's Easier Than You Think Volume 1
1952 H. Clarke, London (original); 1970 Magic Inc. republish
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 74 pages
(Originally released as hardcover)
Easeir Than You Think 1
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Easier Than You
              Think Volume 1
Image Courtesy Magic Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc): "The finest coverage of billiard ball work in print, excellent material on coins, and a large number of variety tricks in the Buckingham style and tradition."
Original hardcover was printed in 1952 with 192 pages. Has been republished in 1970 in three volumes. Illustrated with dozens of line drawings by Eric Lewis.


5 Chapter One Manipulations Made Magic

7 Coin Manipulation

7 Chapter Two The Aerial Treasury

18 Chapter Three The Multiple Back Palm Production of Coins

23 Chapter Four Miscellaneous Coin Sleights and Flourishes
23 Palming
24 The Coin Roll (a new method)
26 The Human Coin Ladder
27 The Coin Spread

31 Chapter Five The Miser's Dream in Cabaret

42 Billiard Ball Manipulation

42 Chapter Six The Multiplying Billiard Balls
44 An Eight Ball Production

55 Chapter Seven A Ten and Twelve-Ball Production
69 The Thirteenth Ball

71 Chapter Eight Miscellaneous Flourishes With Billiard Balls
72 The Finger Roll
73 The One Handed Finger Roll
74 The Two Ball Palm Roll
74 Catching Between the Fingers
75 The Two Ball Tumble