Buckingham, Geoffrey: It's Easier Than You Think Volume 3
1952 H. Clarke, London (original); 1979 Magic Inc. republish
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 74 pages
It's Easier Than
              You Think Vol 3
Image Courtesy Magic Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc.): "The finest coverage of billiard ball work in print, excellent material on coins, and a large number of variety tricks in the Buckingham style and tradition. Buckingham belongs in every magician's library. Profusely illustrated with photos, illustrations."

Original hardcover was printed in 1952 with 192 pages. Has been republished in the 1970's in three volumes.

Contents (updated Oct 2015)

5 Twelve Cards to Pocket: one of the finest tricks because it can be presented so many different ways. Here Buckingham uses a volunteer assistant and two props every magician owns. Very good!
11 Super Do As I Do-in:  the "super" Buckingham version.
13 The Palmist: is a fun making, audience participation routine.
17 Showers of Pips:  is a spectacular idea based on a Southall trick, here perfected by Buckingham.
22 Coins and Cards:  gives you a "one simple sleight" routine you will use because it is so easy to do
24 A Blindfold Card Stab Miracle: :  is puzzling, dramatic, done anywhere, any conditions, angle proof.
29 A Gambling Legend: is a new dramatic presentation of an exciting routine. Great for close up TV.
35 Any Card Torn and Restored
40 A One Hand Pack Switch
42 A Four Ball Production Without a Shell
46 Production of Four Solid Billiard Balls
52 The Blondin Ball
55 Silk and Billiard Ball Penetration
|58 Simplest Silk and Thimble Penetration
60 Penetration of Three or Four Thimbles Thru Silk
64 Flash Finish to a Thimble Routine
67 The Giant Thimble
72 Striking Opener to a Thimble Routine
77 Running Thru the Alphabet
83 Newspaper and Dollar Bill
85 Conjurer's Choice
87 Doubling a Silk
89 Four-Ended Rope
96 The Gypsy Thread
100 The Rising Cigarette