Buckley, Arthur: Improved and Original Card Problems
©1930 Pub. by The American Studios, CA
Softcover, stapled-manuscript, 8.5x11", 57 pages
Improved and
              Original Card Problems
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts
Arthur Buckley: Improved and Original Card Problems

Comments: Edited by Dariel Fitzkee. "30 Detailed Routines"


1 Introduction (Dariel Fitzkee)
3 A New Thirty Card Mystery
5 Spell It
7 Transposition Extraordinary
9 Separation
11 Cards and Envelope
15 Indetecto
17 Cards Mysterio
19 Sympathy In Choice
20 Card Under Foot
21 Cards and Pockets
23 The Sympathetic Cards
29 Four Aces
30 Card Under Hat
32 A Card From Ten
33 Is The Card You Thought Of There
35 Slap Cards
36 Your Card at Any Number
37 Twenty Cards in Transit (Improved)
39 Red or Black
40 A Triple Climax
42 Twelve Cards to Pocket
44 The Burglar
47 Psychic Photography
49 X'Ray
50 Stabbing Between the Chosen Cards
52 Stabbing Ten Chosen Cards, Blindfolded
53 From Out of Pocket
54 The Mystic Paper Slips
57 System