Buckley, Arthur: The Triple Climax
©1921 Magic Products Company, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 10 pages
The Triple Climax
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Arthur Buckley: The Triple Climax

Comments: Full title: "Buckley's New and Improved Effects With Cards, a Series of Twelve Problems. Number One The Triple Climax".
Illustrated by Harlan E. Tarbell, edited by Gus Moford.


3 Number One - A Triple Climax
3 Effect, Brief Presentation and Patter
4 Sleights Necessary to Performing the Triple Climax: Flesh Grip, Buckley's Bottom Shift, Two-Handed Pass, Slap Shift, Top Change, Bottom Palm
4 Details for Learning Sleights
4 - Use Your Own Method, if Good
4 - The Flesh Grip
5 - The Buckley Bottom Shift
6 - The Slap Shift
6 - The Top Change
7 -- The Basic Principle
7 -- Variation Used in This Effect
8 -- Example
8 - The Bottom Palm
8 - The Two Handed Pass
10 Rehearse Problem