Buckley, Arthur & John Brown Cook: Gems of Mental Magic
©1947, Chicago
Hardcover, 132 pages

The Buckley Trilogy Gems of Mental Magic
©1973 The Gambler's Book Club
Softcover, 132 pages
Gems of Mental Magic
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Buckley Trilogy - Gems of Mental Magic
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Comments: Later printed as part of the Buckley Trilogy, along with the books Principles and Deceptions, and Card Control.
Note: also available as an e-book from both Lybrary.com and Trickshop.com


1 Preface
5 Devious Digits
9 It's A Small World
12 Astral Addition
15 Projection
18 Pennies, Nickels and Dimes
21 Memory Plus Miracles
27 Psychic Vision
29 Psychometry
32 Date Divination
35 Baseball Prophecy
38 Tests In A Gold Fish Bowl
41 A Chance in A Billion
44 New Bills For Old
46 The Telepathic Band Leader
49 Dictionary Test
54 Second Sight At First Glance
57 As Far As You Like
59 The Crystal Ball
62 Astrological Mentalism
66 Behind The Eight Ball
69 The Crime Doctor
71 Gaze Into My Eyes
74 The Spirit 74
77 Telepathy With Your Favorite Stars
80 Birthday Telepathy
83 The Great Book Test
90 The Open Window
92 Written Messages
94 Better Than Rabbits
96 Holding The Bag
98 Impressions That Stick
101 No Privacy In A Gold Fish Bowl
107 The Answering Of Questions