Buffaloe, Jim: Buffaloe'd - The Magic of Jim Buffaloe
1998 Jim Buffaloe
Hardcover, no dj, 223 pages
Jim Buffaloe:
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Comments: Illustrated by Tony Dunn & Marshall Philyaw with additional illustration by Dan Garrett. Edited by Dan Garrett and Phil Willmarth.


v Dedication
vi Author's Acknowledgments
vii Table of Contents
ix Preface: Ed Buffaloe
x Introduction: Phil Willmarth:
xi Author's Introduction: Jim Buffaloe

2 Section 1: Magic With Coins

2 Part 1 - Brief Routines, Productions and Concealments
2 A Snappy Four: angle-free 30 second production of four coins from the hands
5 A Kneezy Production: a quick production of a coin from behind the knee
5 Thumb Push Turnover: the paddle move for coins
6 The Pull Through Concealment: concealing a coin in the hands while pulling a handkerchief through them
7 Dollar Bill Jackpot: a dollar is removed from a wallet, folded, and two halves and 10 dimes are produced from it
11 Coin-Ah-Copia: two dimes, a nickel, a quarter, and a half are produced from a dollar removed from wallet
13 The Drop Concealment: a coin penetrates the pocket, then is snapped into two
15 The Houdini Safe and Lock Company: a silk is shown with a picture of a safe on it. The silk is twirled into a rope, knotted, and a large quantity of quarters appear
17 A Lesson in Subtlety: in showing a "magic wand" pen, the pen vanishes money (a gag), then clings to the side of the hand, and then produces coins from the pen cap
20 Harry, Hoo & Dini: Three quarters penetrate the back of the hand, then the fourth turns into a key
24 Cameo Miracle Production: quick production of one to four coins from the apparently empty hands
26 A Weighty Matter: As the magician talks about how gambler's can "weigh" the cards, a coin is produced from under one of them
29 Son of New Era Coin Go: a new write-up for a coin vanish that originally appeared in Modern Coin Magic

32 Part 2 - Extended Platform and Close-up Routines
32 Theme and Variation in Silver - Part I: a full coin routine in which coins appear in the magician's hand, transfer from the spectator's hand to a glass, one of the coins penetrates, and a dollar in the glass changes to coins. Props needed include: snap coin purse, squeeze coin purse, eight halves, 25 quarters, a pen, a 15" silk, a signet ring, a ring box, close up pad, a close up case with a handle, glass, plastic gimmicked glass, and you need to wear a necktie.
43 Theme and Variation in Silver - Part II: a full routine (though short) in which a coin penetrates the hand, changes to a blinking eye; another coin with a red dot becomes a "box" from which more change is removed; then a jumbo coin 'case' is shown and a stream of quarters emerges to the sound of a laser. Props needed include four halves, two jumbo 3" halves, a quarter, a roll of quarters,  2 dimes and a nickel, silver duct tape, double sided tape, prescription bottle to hold roll of quarters, three Avery style sticker dots, blinking doll's eye (craft store), miniature clothes pin, and a toy laser, pen, rubber bands, and some tissue paper. You must wear a coat.
53 Theme and Variation in Silver - Part III - The Steroid Coin: an invisible coin is removed from a purse and then becomes visible. The coin is chopped up, erased, thrown through a glass and is restored each time. Then it grows to a Jumbo coin, multiplies, and then all vanish in a paper sack. Props include: 10 dimes, miniature clothes pin, change purse, paring knife, wooden pencil with eraser, plastic cup, 2 silver dollars, two 3" halves, dark handkerchief, a 2nd handkerchief, two paper bags, cardboard, scissors, and tape. You must wear a jacket.
60 Stage Coin Routine: To be performed to music. The magician's finger appears and disappears under a handkerchief, then Silver dollars are removed from the handkerchief which are tossed in a cup. An invisible coin becomes visible in the handkerchief and penetrates a glass. Another coin is plucked from the air, vanishes, and is produced from a purse frame. It then grows to a jumbo coin, which vanishes and reappears in the handkerchief. Four more coins appear from the handkerchief, followed by six jumbo coins. Finally the 'finger' grows to 9 inches! Props include: platform table, black handkerchief, gimmicked goblet, 9 silver dollars, gimmicked silver dollar, 9 plastic jumbo coins, holder for coins, plastic cup, 9 inch rubber finger, purse frame, cardboard, close up pad, contact cement.

70 Part 3 - Theatrical Close-Up With Props
70 High Tech Blaster: a laser gun is used to melt a coin into a blob of metal. When shot again, the metal forms into five dimes. Good for children.
75 Coins Across, the "Safe" Way: a unique trick for a quarter sized Boston Box. Four quarters vanish from a handkerchief and appear inside the box.
78 Beamed Across - A Routine for Steve Causey: Coins travel one at a time from the magician's fist to an examined coin purse (expanded shell)
82 The Time Machine: a glass with a watch around it is called a "time machine". Four nickels are placed in the cup, stirred, and turn into "pre-inflation" value - four half dollars!
86 Tightwad: a coin is apparently rolled into a tube, and then restored with the aid of a tiny rolling pin
90 Don't Be So Nosey!: three effects from Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic routined together (features sleeving)
96 A Fistful of Dimes: a handkerchief with pictures of dimes on it becomes blank as it is pushed through the fist, and real dimes are produced (Dye Tube)
98 On the Level: a variation on Copper and Silver Transposition #1 from Bobo's Coin Magic designed to overcome some shortcomings
105 The Pun-aholic: a comedy routine in which Coins Across happens while the magician tries to cure himself from his horrible use of puns
109 This Spud's For You: an approach to the Cigarette Through Quarter to take a bit of heat off the quarter through use of a potato!
114 Caught!: a mini Miser's Dream in which coins are caught in a small fish net, with a Jumbo coin climax
118 An "Egg"stra-Ordinary Journey: Magician bets a marked quarter that the spectator will select the one egg out of four that is hard boiled. The egg is broken in a clear plastic bag, and the magician is found to be wrong! The marked coin is retrieved, but has changed into a marker that points out the coin is in the bag with the broken egg.
124 Come On Down: a clever approach for the old $1.35 gimmick
127 Handy Crafty: three quarters are placed in the hand with miniature tools; when the hand is opened, one quarter is snipped, one is bent, and one has a nail through it
129 Bagged: a "Houdini" coin seems to penetrate a clear bag that has been placed over the magician's hand holding the special coin along with four other coins
133 Colorsation: Spectator places a colored sticker of her choice on the back of a quarter. The Quarter penetrates the spectator's hand and ends up with two half dollars already held.
137 "It's Mortar," He Said: a suggested ending for a coins through the table where the last four coins transfer instead through a small wall

140 Part 4 - Self Analysis: A Tool Towards Excellence
140 Copper/Silver Routine: a copper/silver routine enhanced with the Gypsy Switch
143 Anatomy of a Routine: a blow by blow analysis of the previous routine
148 Thoughts On Style: a short essay on style: visual, verbal, technical (seen) and technical (unseen)
150 One for the Experts: a coin vanish and reappearing routine designed to fool other magicians
155 One for the Experts - A Four Postulate Analysis: Short essay summarizing the conditioning, routine, clean effect, and ending aspects of the previous effect
156 A Perverse (But Effective) Way of Thinking: why the brethren are fooled

158 Section 2 - General Magic

158 Part 5 - Essays
158 The Magic In Your Voice: Discussion on rate of speed, controlled breathing, natural resonance, orchestrating your voice, exercises, and being distinct.
168 The Love Connection: making your show more personable

172 Part 6 - Magic for Children
172 Trouble Witless: some comedy and rope knots
176 Mouse Capades: an invisible mouse helps coins vanish, animates a handkerchief, unties a knot, and vanishes
180 A New Look at Metamorpho Spots: rabbit ears keep rising from a can when the magician's not looking, then the rabbit is turned into a rubber chicken
182 The Capricious Ghost: a small ghost performs various feats (uses Glorpy, Cybernetics, a reel, etc.)
186 A Crown for a Queen: a routine for the stage-sized Ton Onasaka "find the Queen" cards

190 Part 7 General Magic
190 Zany 20th Century Silk Routine: a approach to the 20th Century Silk routine
193 Slick Silks: an expanded color changing silk routine utilizing a Dye Tube
198 The Hypnotized Finger: a presentation for the commercial "Chair Suspension" (working not exposed; Jim uses the Abbot Chair Suspension)
200 Super Ring Flite: finger ring on wand followed by ring to key case
203 Blow It Through Ring Release: an alternate ending for Phil Wilmarth's "Crossed Ends Release" using a linking ring sized ring and a rope.
205 The Gadabout Ring: a borrowed finger ring and string routine with multiple phases
212 Buffaloe Bill Buster: a pencil seemingly penetrates a dollar bill that has been placed in a plastic folder
215 Sudden Impact: a full routine for the multiplying golf balls (recommends rubber golf ball set)
218 Keyless Konnivery: a finger ring is magically removed and replaced on a padlock
221 An Absorbing Vanish: a sponge ball and thumb tip trick just for other magicians

223 About the Author: short biography