Bullivant, Cecil H.: The Drawing Room Entertainer
©1903 C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd., London
Hardcover, 118 pages

©1906 Reprinted
©1919 Second Edition
©1922 Reprinted

The Drawing Room
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts
C.H. Bullivant: The Drawing Room Entertainer
Cecil H. Bullivant: The Drawing Room Entertainer

Comments: Ventriloquism, Conjuring, Clairvoyance, Vocal and Instrumental Mimicry, etc.


11 Part I Ventriloquism
13 The Practical Ventriloquist
17 Breathing and the Use of Figures
23 Voice Illusions
27 The Near Voice
31 Distant Voices
37 A Complete Performance

41 Part II Conjuring
43 Easy Tricks Withoug Apparatus
48 Miscellaneous Drawing-Room Tricks
53 Appliances for More Advanced Tricks
57 Mesmerism and Mysteries
61 Some Startling Illusions

65 Part III Popular Entertainments
67 Vocal Mimicry
71 Clairvoyance or Second-Sight
73 Some Strange Experiments
81 Further Marvels
84 The Art of Recitation
90 Wonders of the Phonograph

95 Part IV The Platform Stage
97 The Drawing-Room Comedian
101 The Sketch Artist
105 Variety Programmes
109 Methods and Management
113 Some Valuable Hints
116 How Best to Secure Engagements