Buonocore, Bud: How?
Being a Treatise on My Own Methods of Sleeving Small Objects
Bud Buonocore; self published
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 10 pages Typewritten
Bud Buonocore:
Image from Magicref

Comments: Low production values, this manuscript was created on someone's typewriter before the days of computers. I'm not positive I have the whole manuscript, as a sentence on page 6 states, "Before going into the tricks and routines themselves...", indicating there may have been intended some effects to follow. However, the pages I have end with the appropriate drawings, so perhaps there was an intended follow-on that simply wasn't included. I really like the Turnover Steal and the Pick Up vanish.


1 Introduction
1 The Turnover Steal: a very clean and un-complicated coin sleeving technique
2 The Pick-Up Vanish and Switch: an approach to vanish a coin in the process of picking it up; can also be used to switch in a gaff
3 The Book Up Move: sleeving a playing card from the palming position
3 Card Palming: introduction
4 The Rub Up Top Palm: variation on Le Paul's method
4 Side Slip Steal and Palm: the side slip adapted for palming
5 The Bottom Palm: explains Hugard's method
6 Tips on Misdirection
7 Fig 1: Line Drawings for The Turnover Steal
8 Fig 2: Line Drawings for The Pick-Up Vanish and Switch
9 Fig 3: Line Drawings for The Boost-Up Move
9 Fig 4: Line Drawings for The Rub Up Top Palm
10 Fig 5: Line Drawings for the Side Slip Steal and Palm
10 Fig 6: Line Drawings for the Bottom Palm