Rev. Lawrence Burden: Magical Gospel Lessons
Burden, Rev. Lawrence: Magical Gospel Lessons 1
©1970 (circa) Abbott's Magic Co., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 29 pages
Burden: Magical Gospel Lessons 1
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Comments: Magic used to present various Gospel messages

Contents (from book):

1 Introduction
2 Dedication

4 The Creation, Fall, Restoration: flowers appear on a tray
5 A Witnessing Prisoner: a quick Egg Bag presentation
6 When The King Returns: milk in hat
8 The Bread Of Life: presentation with a Dove pan
9 The Box Of Prayer: silk production from cylinder
11 The Restored Life: cut and restored rope
12 The Cleansing Channel Of Christ: presented using Dye Silk Tube
13 Choose Ye Whom Ye Shall Serve: presentation for 20th Century Silk, including instructions for paper cone
15 Time Is Vanishing: using an Abbott's Phantom Clock vanish
16 The Great Commission "Go": presentation using the Rice Bowls
18 The Resurrection Of Christ: silk transposition
19 Power Of Prayer: tied handkerchiefs in a glass become untied
20 Resurrection Message: a candle and handkerchief transposition
22 God's Protecting Power: routine for Abbott's Disecto hand chopper
23 The Indestructible Bible: torn and restored ribbon
24 Sin Is A Destroyer: cut and restored necktie using a change bag
26 The Sticky Sin: Genii bottle hangs from a rope
27 The Rope Of Sin: rope release from a chair
29 Sin Unto Death: changing message silks using a change bag