Burden, Lawrence: Latest Magical Gospel Lessons Number 4
©1975 Abbott's Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 36 pages
Burden: Latest Magical Gospel Lessons Number 4
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Comments: Gospel presentations using common magic tricks


1 Preface
2 Dedication

4 The Beginning of All Things: Abbott's Flower Surprise Trick
6 A Great Transformation: Cube and Die Block
9 A Prayer of Trust: Center Newspaper Tear, Neil Foster
11 Can a Leopard Change His Spots?: What's Next
14 Mixed Up Life: Sun and Moon Trick
17 Following the Signs: Arrow Card
19 The Beauty of a Restored Life: Newspaper to Flowers Trick
21 A Rewarded Life: Chink Cans
23 Safe in the Hands of God: Abbott's Sword Thru Neck
25 The Holding Power of God: Zombie Ball Trick
27 The Protected Word: Handkerchief Frame
29 A Leper Cleansed: Abbott's Chinese Wonder Fan
31 A Fiery Faith: Changing Canister
33 Do Your Scales Balance?: Slate Trick
35 A Life Separated, Linked, Made Hole: Afghan Bands