Burger, Eugene: Intimate Power
©1983 Eugene Burger & Phil Willmarth, Arlington Heights, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched 5.5x8.5" 90 pages
Burger: Intimate
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Comments: Psychological Presentations for the Close Up Entertainer. Illustrated by Marshall Philyaw, cover art by Nick Silva.


5 Dedication
7 Foreword

9 Chapter One: What's In a Name?

17 Chapter Two: Creating Interest
27 The Card Cheat
31 An Old Carnival Game
40 A Voodoo Ritual
48 The Spectator is the Star
51 Second-Hand Smoke

54 Chapter Three: A Game of Wits
57 Spelling Stunner
60 Fogel's Triple Prediction
64 Out of This World
68 Easy Money Presentation

71 Chapter Four: Precision
76 Dracula and the Sorority Girls

85 Chapter Five: Confidence and Power