Burger, Eugene; Phil Willmarth (editor): On Matt Schulien's Fabulous Card Discoveries
©1983 Eugene Burger & Philip R. Willmarth, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 45 pages
On Matt Schulien's Fabulous Card Discoveries
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Comments (Zigby7): This material was part of Eugene's lecture given at the Sixth Las Vegas Desert Magic Seminar. Eugene gives you his handling of some of Matt Schulien's famous effects. He covers three effects, including the now famous Card Under the Tablecloth. You also get Eugene's in depth thinking on how he handles the effects.


3 Contents
4 Dedication
5 Foreword (Phil Willmarth)

11 The Trick and the Effects: on destroying cards, neatness, and the basic premise of the tricks discussed
16 A Memory: Eugene's introduction to Matt Schulien's magic
21 The Card In the Matchbox
29 The Corner In the Glass
33 The Card Under the Tablecloth
39 On Imitation: vs. presentation