Eugene Burger: Spirit Theater
Burger, Eugene: Spirit Theater
©1986 Eugene Burger & Richard Kaufman; Kaufman & Greenberg, Silver Spring, MD
Hardcover, w/dj, 8.5x11", 192 pages
Burger Spirit Theater
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Comments: "Reflections on the History and Performance of Seances". Illustrated, photographed and edited by Richard Kaufman. Also originally included an LP vinyl record.

Contents (from book ToC):

11 Part One Setting the Stage
11 First Words
13 Point of Departure
15 Spirits
20 Spirit Theater
22 Seances For Fun and Profit

30 Part Two Ghostly Visitors In the Nineteenth Century
30 Mesmer, Imagination and Suggestion
32 The Summer-Land
34 One of the Great Points of Psychic Evolution
46 Manifestations From Beyond the Grave
52 A Shooting Star
57 Master Mediums

72 Part Three Performance
72 Character and Claims
83 The Man of Mystery, a Conversation With Tony Andruzzi
93 Building a Better Performance
97 A Central Principle
99 Séance Presentation - A Conversation With Max Maven
107 The Dark Room
118 Hauntings - A Conversation With Eugene Burger
135 Spirit Theater for the Close-Up Entertainer
- The Haunted Key
- Spirit Messages
- The Halloween Spirit
- Séance Revisited
- Catching a Spook
- The Thread of Life and Death

166 Part Four Wanderings in the Spirit Field
166 History
171 Investigation
177 Manifestations
181 Performance
185 Last Words