Eddie Burke: Club and Cabaret Mentalism
Burke, Eddie: Club & Cabaret Mentalism
©1970 Magictrix House of Magic, England
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 27 pages
Eddie Burke: Club & Cabaret Mentalism
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Comments: Tips on getting club work with a Mentalism act, along with a sample show, and a Horoscope pitch (Horoscopes not provided).

Contents (from book):

1 Club & Cabaret Mentalism (Eddie Burke)
3 Clubland is Booming!
4 Realise This About Mentalism: advantages
5 The Various Types of Clubs
5 - The Small Workingmen's Club
6 - Larger Workingmen's Clubs
6 - Cabaret Clubs
7 Other Types of Dates You Will Work
7 - Small Firms' Parties
7 - Firms' Annual Dinners
7 - Firms' Annual Dance & Cabaret
8 Your Manager or Personal Representative
8 The Manager's Job
9 How Much is a Good Manager Worth?
9 Where Can You Obtain the Services of a Good Manager?
10 Your Manager's Job
10 Fees
11 What Are The Best Nights For Your Manager to Sell Your Act?
12 Club & Cabaret Mental Routine:
12 - The Lecture
13 - Examining the Lecture
14 - Blindfold Card Reading: performer names 3 cards the spectator selected that even the spectator doesn't know
17 - Blindfold Article Reading: performer determines three objects provided by the audience, with a bit of Cold Reading
22 The Horoscope Pitch: selling Horoscopes that you can buy from Magictrix
24 Booking Your Next Show
25 A Few Points of Interest
26 Conclusion
27 Eight Kings Set Up: a stack for the first effect
27 Si Stebbins Set Up: an alternate stack