Burlingame, HJ: Tricks in Magic Vol III
©1898 The Clyde Publishing Company
Softcover, 63 pages
Tricks In Magic Vol
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HJ Burlingame: Tricks in Magic Vol III

Comments: An expose of several stage illusions

Contents (from an electronic version, page numbers may not match original book):

2 Preface
2 Buatier's Human Cage
4 Buatier In a Fix: a trick gone wrong
5 Morrit's Cabinet
7 Maskelyn's Spiritualistic Couch
8 The Bust Illusion
12 The Climbing Ring: finger ring climbs a wand
13 The Magic Tambourine
14 The Great Dictionary Trick: book test
16 The Flying Thimble
18 Another Metempsychosis
23 A Patented Thought Reading Trick
27 Euclid Outdone, or the Spirit Mathematician
29 Frederick Bancroft, Conjurer - His Career
32 Bibliotheca Magica: Bibligraphy of magic books through 1898, extensive list through page 63, with English, German, and French works