Burlingame, H.J.: Tricks in Magic Volume 1
©1895 H.J. Burlingame, G. Ornum & Co.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 96 pages
Tricks in Magic
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H.J. Burlingame: Tricks in Magic Vol 1

Comments: Full title - Tricks in Magic, Illusions and Mental Phenomena


3 To the Reader
5 Handkerchief Multiplication
5 No You See It, Now You Don't - Handkerchief
6 Soup Plate and Handkerchief
6 Mephisto's Glass Cylinders
8 The Flight Through Crystals
9 The Chameleon Handkerchiefs
11 New Postal Card Trick
12 Cards Nailed Between Boards
12 Demon Cards
13 Pipe Trick
13 The Wa-Ha-Gi Billiard Ball
13 Magic Die, Flowers and Glass Box
14 Ice Freezing Extraordinary
15 A New Programme, Ring and Envelopes Trick
16 Bertram's Programme and Coin Trick
18 New Chair Mystery
19 How to Tell Numbers of Borrowed Watches
19 Slade's Wonderful Spirit Knots
20 Dexters Sealed Cord Test
21 Bellachini's Cabinet Mystery
22 The Three Knotted Charmed Handkerchiefs
23 The Eglinton Rope Test
24 One of the Davenport Rope Ties
25 Braid and Tape Test
26 The Medium's Tie, Similar to No. 23
27 New Spirit Post
28 New Spirit Hand
29 The Mystery of L'Hassa
30 New Spirit Pictures
31 Shrine of Koomra Sami
32 Mysterious Cabinet of the Mahatmas or Wonder of Wonders
33 Spirit Circle Under Test Conditions
34 Great Mahatma Miracles
35 One Way of Producing Great Mahatma Miracles
35 One Method of Materialization and Dematerialization
36 Kellar's New Karmos
39 Silent Thought Transference
50 New Silent Second Thought and Bank Note Trick
53 Second Sight Through Brick Walls
56 Psychonotism or Silent Thought Transmission
61 The Spirit Thinkephone or Marvelous Vision
63 Tachypsychography or Long Distance Second Sight
65 Hypnognotism
78 The Great Shooting Act
79 Head of Ibykus or Talking Skull
81 The Mango Tree
82 Queen of Knives
82 The Appearing Lady
83 The Escape From Sing Sing
85 Rapid Transit
86 Noah's Ark
87 The Oriental Barrel Mystery
89 The Artist's Dream
91 New Half Lady Illusion
91 Edgar Poe's Raven in the Garden of Thebes
92 Samuel's Cartomantic Floral Charm
92 Samuel's Mystic Percolator
93 Samuel's Wonder Kraut
93 Samuel's Magic Squeezers
94 Samuel's Wine Tassels
94 Samuel's Bloodstone Wonder
95 Samuel's Handkerchief Tassel
95 Samuel's Golden Flash of Light