Burlingame, Price: Jerry Salazar Three Ring Routine
©1980 Jerry Salazar
Published by Colin M. Cochrane, CA
Softcover, Saddle-Stitched, 31 pages
Jerry Salazar Three
              Ring Routine
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Comments: "Chinese Linking Rings, a presentation of Jerry Salazar, San Francisco Street Performer, Three Ring Routine, as demonstrated to and written by Price Burlingame. Combines famous Linking Ring moves. Long enough to be impressive, short enough to be entertaining, easy to follow clear instructions." Photographed by Gary Copeland


5 Foreword
7 Introduction
9 First Count
10 Second Count
11 Sliding Move
12 Revolution
14 Butterfly Link
15 Butterfly Unlink
16 Linking Two Rings
17 Spinning the Rings
18 Revolve Unlink
19 Silent Hook Link
19 Direct Unlink
20 The Crazy Move
22 Ladder Link
23 Sandwich
24 Spinning on Hand
25 Modified Ladder Link
25 Arm Swing Flourish
25 Two Ring Spin
26 Two Ring Unlink
26 Shoulder Link
27 Spin-Off Flourish
28 First Count (Repeated)
28 Finish
30 Summary
31 Bibliography