Burrows, J.F.: Some New Magic
©1905 (circa) Hamley Bros., U.K.
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 37 pages
Some New Magic
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1 The Vanishing Fan
3 The Fountain of Fire: sequel to a fire bowl production
4 New Candle and Handkerchief Illusion
5 New and Novel Watch Manipulation
7 Impromptu Card Trick
8 New Handkerchief Illusion
9 Billiard Ball Changes to Bouquet
9 Vanish for a Number of Coins
10 Tub for Live Stock Production
10 Soup Plate and Handkerchiefs: Neatest Method
13 The Great Slate Mystery
15 Improved Coin Holder
15 A New Card Trick
16 An Original Card Trick
16 Handkerchief Changes to Streamer
17 Sensational Flag Production - New Method
20 Anti-Gravity Ball
21 New Card and Bird Trick
22 Latest Omelette In Hat
22 Billiard Ball Manipulation
24 A Few Wrinkles: hints for conjuring
26 New Method to Load Tambourine
27 Unpublished Methods of Loading Silk Hat
28 Improvement in Rising Cards
28 Improvements in Pocket-to-Pocket Card Trick
28 A Sensational Card Trick
30 A New Handkerchief Vanisher
30 A New Card Vanish
30 A New Billiard Ball Vanish
31 New Card Discoveries
31 Water Transformed into Confetti
32 Cannon Ball From Hat (New Method)
33 "Dida," The Tank of Water Illusion
33 Handcuff Manipulation Secrets
35 An Assortment of Latest Novelties: a brief description of 6 effects