Jeff Busby: Secret of the Palmettos
Busby, Jeff: Secret of the Palmettos
©1998 Jeff Busby Magic Inc., ID
Softcover, comb-bound, 6x9", 124 pages
Jeff Busby Secret of the Palmettos
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Comments: Photographs by Nathan Phillips. Methods and Effects with the Texan '45 Palmetto Deck; New light on the Phantom of the Card Table

Contents: (Partial from first page of book ToC):

vii Introduction

1 Chapter 1 Historical Prelude
3 The Work Circulates
7 The Phantom's Manuscript Resurfaces
8 A Problem Posed

9 Chapter 2 New Light on a Legend
9 What Really Happened That Night
11 Building the Legend
12 Background to Collision
14 The Battle of the Century
15 The Phantom Goes Public
18 A Letter From Charlie Miller

21 Chapter 3 The Work and Its Background
21 End Marking
23 The Evolution of Gambler's Edge Work
24 The Real Work
24 Johnson Tips It
25 Edge Work for Sale

27 Chapter 4 Magicians and Edge Work
28 Cutting Any Card Called
29 Downs' Work
29 One-Way Edge Marking
29 Tarbell's Work
30 Hilliard's Omnibus Exploration
30 Crimp Edge Work
31 Jack McMillen's Work
32 J.G. Thompson Jr.'s Method
33 Walsh's Method
33 Merlini's Method
33 Kosky's Method
34 Marlo's Edge Reader

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