Busby, Jeff: Shigeo Takagi's One Cup Routine and New One Cup Routine
©1977 Jeff Busby
©1980 Busby-Corin, Inc. (New Routine), California
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 12 pages
Shigeo Takagi's
              One Cup Routine
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Busby / Takagi:
              New One Cup Routine
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Comments: Includes Shigeo Takagi's routine for the solid cup, and a newer routine that uses a specially prepared cup. Part one could be done with most any solid cup, but part two requires a cup that is hollow and opens. Original routine includes illustrations by Ton Onosaka on smaller white sheets, bound with the instructions on yellow pages. New Cup routine is illustrated by Jeff Busby.


1 Shigeo Takagi's One Cup Routine: routined in 35 steps
3 Illustrations: 35 clear line drawings to coincide with the above steps
7 Shigeo Takagi's New One Cup Routine: intro
7 Shigeo Takagi's Climax: new cup described
8 Steps 37-44: to be added to the original routine
8 Additional Load Climax
10 Non-Lap Handling
11 Illustrations for New One Cup Routine (Jeff Busby)